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Gordon Choi

I’m an Entrepreneur & Developer. I’ve founded Folks Analytics (, a full stack analytics tool that supports data tracking of websites and mobile apps (iOS & Android).

Founder of Folks Analytics Gordon Choi Spoke at WAW China, Shanghai March 2015

I speak at the WAW China conferences (mainly on analytics topics).

The China Mobile SEO Book (written by Gordon Choi)

I have published a book called "The China Mobile SEO Book" which has been recommended by more than 20 Internet experts!

Gordon Choi's Analytics Book

I have written a second book "Gordon Choi’'s Analytics Book" which is available for free reading online. The main objective of this book is to share my years of analytics knowledge with people who are interested to learn more.

Multi-screen Data Integration

I mainly work on data analytics (i.e. Web Analytics and Mobile App Analytics).

Android Studio

I work on quite a few other stuffs which may involve SEO, PPC, databases, data mining, mobile apps, Android, JAVA, HTML5, jQuery Mobile, PHP, Python, Linux, Chinese work cultures, and so on.

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