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The China Mobile SEO Book

The China Mobile SEO Book (written by Gordon Choi)

"The China Mobile SEO Book" has been recommended by more than 20 Internet experts!

Chapters Summary

The first chapter discusses the options available to create your mobile website strategies that will best suit the mobile users and search engines in the Chinese market. It demonstrates how each strategy should be implemented.

The second chapter discusses the topics that must thoroughly be thought through and must be implemented for your mobile website’s SEO.

The third chapter discusses the web performance techniques and how to implement the techniques in order to improve your website’s performance i.e. Load speed.

The fourth chapter provides an analytics crash course to prepare you the required knowledge for the next chapter’s implementation.

The last (fifth) chapter demonstrates the implementation of the full set of data analytics reports that will enable you to track and measure your SEO projects’ performance. The tracked data and measured performance will enable you to make key decisions for SEO performance.

Gordon Choi’s Analytics Book

Gordon Choi's Analytics Book

My book "Gordon Choi’s Analytics Book" has been made available online on since August 2016.

Previously, I have practically reviewed and/or implemented 100+ Google Analytics accounts and/or open source analytics accounts. I truly believe the knowledge of analytics (i.e. Web Analytics & Mobile App Analytics) and its materials need to be made more accessible to the public world through the Internet. The objective of this book is to share my many years of experience and knowledge on analytics (i.e. Web Analytics & Mobile App Analytics) to people who are interested to learn it and/or to use it for academic purposes.

The book focuses on several topics:

I have put this book on a Creative Commons license. This license allows you to share the content of this book under non-commercial use.

How to Work Remotely?

How to best set up yourself in order to work from remote locations - This is my hands-on experience in which I am sharing. I have made this book free for download.

Download [PDF version]: How to Work Remotely by Gordon Choi

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